Head - Store Design

Job description

As the Head of Store Design, you will be responsible for leading and overseeing all aspects of store design and visual merchandising for our retail outlets. Your primary objective will be to create innovative and appealing store design including layouts, furniture / display systems, interior elements and technical support on MEP / HVAC in a way that they enhance the customer experience, drive sales, and align with the brand identity. You will be managing a team of designers and collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of store design projects.


`1. Store Design Strategy:

  • Develop and implement the overall store design strategy, aligning it with the company's brand image, target market, and business objectives.

  • Conduct market research and stay updated on industry trends to identify innovative design concepts and techniques.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including marketing, operations, and merchandising, to understand their requirements and incorporate them into the store design strategy.

  • Define store design guidelines and standards to maintain consistency across all retail locations.

2. Store Layout and Visual Merchandising:

  • Create captivating and functional store layouts, 3Ds and renderings that optimize traffic flow, maximize product exposure, and enhance the overall shopping experience.

  • Collaborate with merchandising teams to develop effective visual merchandising strategies, ensuring that product displays and signage align with the brand and drive sales.

  • Incorporate customer insights and behavior analysis into store design decisions, optimizing the placement of products and fixtures.

  • Utilize innovative design elements, lighting, and materials to create visually appealing and engaging store environments.

3. Project Management:

  • Lead and manage store design projects from concept development to execution, ensuring adherence to timelines, budgets, and quality standards.

  • Oversee the work of in-house designers, external agencies, and contractors if required to ensure the successful implementation of store design initiatives.

  • Collaborate with construction and projects teams to ensure seamless integration of design elements into store construction and renovation projects.

  • Regularly communicate project updates, milestones, and risks to senior management and other relevant stakeholders.

4. Team Leadership and Development:

  • Recruit, train, and develop a team of store designers, visual merchandisers, and other design professionals.

  • Provide guidance and mentorship to team members, fostering their professional growth and development.

  • Set clear performance expectations, conduct regular performance reviews, and identify training needs to ensure a high-performing team.

  • Foster a collaborative and creative work environment that encourages innovation and continuous improvement.

5.Vendor and Supplier Management:

  • Establish and maintain relationships with external design agencies, vendors, and suppliers.

  • Develop prototypes of stores, fixtures signages and all other elements related to store design with a view to innovate and develop new and fresh design concepts

  • Collaborate with vendors to source materials, fixtures, and furniture that meet design specifications, quality standards, and budgetary requirements.

  • Negotiate contracts, manage vendor relationships, and monitor service levels to ensure cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in interior design, architecture, or a related field.

  • 10+ years of proven experience in store design, visual merchandising, or related roles, preferably in the retail industry.

  • Strong knowledge of retail industry trends, customer behavior, and store design best practices.

  • Strong aesthetic sensibilities and knowledge of materials, workmanship and finishes

  • Proficiency in design software such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Creative Suite, or similar tools.

  • Excellent project management skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Strong leadership abilities, with experience in managing and developing a team.

  • Creative mindset with a keen eye and attention to detail.

  • Strong communication and presentation skills to effectively convey design concepts to stakeholders.

  • Ability to collaborate and influence cross-functional teams and external partners.

  • Knowledge of construction processes and materials, as well as understanding of building codes and regulations.