Franchisee Operations Head

Job description

Franchisee Operations Head

The operations Head oversees and has responsibility for all the activities in the franchise organisation and has to significantly contribute to the success of the business.

He is responsible to run the franchisee store vertical profitably and efficiently as per the company standards.

To achieve this, the Operations Head must be creative, innovative and energetic in his efforts to improve processes, while using available resources to efficiently manage operations of stores and services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implementing strategic objectives: The Franchisee Operations Head must clearly understand the goals of the organisation and develop a clear vision and efficiently run operations which will help achieve them. This involves the implementation of SOP at all FOFO stores.
  • Developing an operations strategy: Due to the wide range of decisions that have to be made in operations, the Franchisee Operations Head must have a clear set of guidelines which is aligned with the organisation’s long-term goals.
  • Planning and controlling P&L: Requires a clear understanding of store profitability and levers to make the store deliver better profits.
  • Improving operations: Continually monitoring and improving the overall performance of the company’s operation.
  • Customer Obsession: Ensure that he maintains a high standard of customer service in all stores and has core customer obsession in his approach to business. Devise & execute different programs & processes to ensure retention of channel partners in the system and build a network.
  • Build Scale: Build a solid base of operational skills and knowledge within the business. Operation head play a central role in stabilising a franchise company’s policies and procedures across different business disciplines to have a scalable model.
  • Manage teams: Should be able to manage large teams and partners in different geographies.

Job requirements


  • Franchisee acquisition background in the aggressive store expansion plan.
  • Should have sound knowledge of geographies and markets.

Qualification and Requirement:

  • Degree from a reputed Institution.
  • Additional degrees in management and finance / retail management will be desirable.
  • P&L understanding and business acumen.

Skills Required:

  • Should be having a good understanding of franchisee business.
  • 10X thinking to make the process of acquisition better and faster.
  • Total understanding of store operations and P&L- to guide the partners.
  • Very strong negotiation skills and persuasive skills.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills, collaborative skills.
  • People management skills and relationship management.