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Product-Post purchase experience

  • Gurgaon / Bengaluru, India

Job description

Our Story So Far

Twelve years back, Lenskart was started by a 26-year old entrepreneur - because he wanted to solve the problem of preventive blindness. We had humble beginnings - we spread awareness about eye care, we took orders for eyeglasses online and shipped them to customers from a warehouse that was the size of a modern-day conference room.

As of today, little by little, Lenskart has served 40 Million people across the globe - helping them see better and lead better quality lives. Simultaneously, we’ve also built ourselves up to be Asia’s largest eyewear company. We have 10,000+ Lenskartians worldwide, more than 1500 Omni channel stores across 175 cities in India, Singapore and Dubai and we are shipping a pair of eyewear every 2.5 seconds, from the world’s most automated eyewear factory!

In 2022, Lenskart partnered with Owndays and took a majority stake in the Japanese-owned eyewear player that has a deep presence in Asia. With this partnership, we have added an additional 400 stores and extended our reach to 13 countries.

Our Key Investors

Softbank, ADIA, Kedaara Capital, Steadview Capital, Premji Invest, Temasek, Holding, KKR, Alpha Wave Ventures, Bay Capital

You: In Our Next Chapter

We’ve come a long way but we’re not there yet. “Good is not good enough,” you’ll hear Lenskartians say that often. Our aim is to serve One Billion eyes by 2025 globally. And in this journey, we want to go beyond vision correction to transform the way people see and experience the world. That’s our new purpose - and we can only get there through cutting-edge technology and exceptional people.

To realize this vision in the next 3 years, Lenskart’s strategic focus areas are technology, supply chain & manufacturing, talent density and consumer experience. We will also heavily focus our efforts on international expansion, M&A, and taking a bet on entrepreneurial talent. Lenskart aims to be the best global company born out of India - a successful and sustainable organization that continues to serve its purpose in the years to come.

Scope of work:

Managed applications:

  • Financial ERP : Microsoft D365 > this will be the core application to focus on

  • Other applications
    • HRMS : Oracle HR, Recruitee, Mynd, etc

    • Workflow management software : Mind tickle, etc

    • And more are added as part of growing maturity across functions within Lenskart.

Application management includes & is not limited to : customisation, management of consultants / 3rd party for development, user authorisation & roles management, workflow automations, software capability expansion, etc.

Key part of these applications is developing the business layer which acts as an intelligence layer feeding data to these systems, leading to: Workflow automation, Auto reconciliation & overall minimisation of work for teams working on these systems and giving outcome at faster pace for : MIS generation, HR manpower planning, etc.

Business layer interfacing with these software includes following transactions (is not an exhaustive list):

  • Product masters

  • Inventory transactions

  • Sales, Returns & Refund transactions

  • Inter company transactions

  • Franchise wallet ledgers

  • Bulk inventory movement, etc

These are managed by an in-house team of Engineers & Product managers which serve as a small high caliber team to deliver business automation & intelligence layer on top of the managed applications. Engineering, Quality, Design, Devops, Security reports into center of excellence - while product management will work with you

Job requirements

Job Requirements

  • Master's/Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Mathematics / Statistics or equivalent experience.

  • Work experience of working on managed applications at scale : Oracle, D365, or likes. Managed via external consultants, internal developers or a mix of two.

  • Ability to comprehend user requirements and propose tools, solutions or modifications to enable via technology.

  • Experience contributing to engineering discussions around technology decisions and strategy related to a product.

  • Strong organizational/business planning

  • 8+ years of experience