Data Scientist

Job description

Lenskart was founded with a vision to help people see the beautiful world by revolutionising the eyewear category in India and beyond. The ten-year-old company now delivers 7 million + spectacles a year in India and Singapore and plans to ship out over a billion glasses over the next ten years.

Lenskart being an Omni-channel direct to consumer retail brand provides a unique ecosystem of a full spectrum of analytics use cases which very few companies in the world provide. This creates a unique challenge and opportunity for professionals to learn and contribute, at the same time solve a 2 billion+ problem.

Analytics and data science are core to Lenskart’s business across several aspects: retail & store analytics, digital & e-commerce analytics, marketing analytics, supply chain analytics, customer service, and more.

While the DS team works centrally, we are deeply embedded with the functional teams and have a very strong say in the operational strategy.

We are looking for strong Data Scientist to work on Advanced Analytics use cases who will enable the use of advanced analytics for the area of Customer analytics, Growth marketing and Customer retention for helping improve marketing ROI and customer experience. 

Job requirements

  • Analyze the customer base and build a strong customer segmentation framework to look at our customer base in a strategic manner

  • Leverage customer data to increase the efficiency of our marketing spend working closely with the channel teams on campaign optimization

  • Leverage customer chat data for applications in text analytics such as sentiment analysis, topic modelling etc.

  • Ability to translate advance analytics problems into a ML model (deep learning, decision trees, GBM, Bayesian models, etc.)

  • Experience using machine learning libraries or platforms such as Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, Spark ML, Python, SQL, Redshift, Knowledge of AWS environment Google Analytics (Good to have)

  • Experience in analysis role demonstrating hands-on ability to deliver insights and models that have directly led to improved business performance

  • Well worse with, Multi-channel marketing analytics, attribution and market mix modelling.

  • Good to have understanding of online commerce and ads platforms Google, Facebook, Appsflyer.

  • Experience in Retail, Ecommerce, Marketing advance analytics ML problems is must with deep understanding of one area.

Strong analytical and communication skills. Should be self-driven, highly motivated and ability to learn quick

- Strong understanding of analytics needs and proactive-ness to build generic solutions to improve the efficiency

- Lead/Work with many global teams, communicate effectively, both written and verbal, with technical and non-technical multi-functional teams

- Strong project management and communication skills . Excel / Power Point / Agile / Jira experience.

- Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills


Bachelor's / Master’s Degree or Equivalent with 1-3 years of experience in Advanced Analytics roles with background in Computer science or statistics from Tier 1 / 2 colleges with strong academics.

Location - NCR, Bangalore

Most important - Passion for solving business problems with use of algorithms, analytics and technology.