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Assistant Manager - Procurement

  • Bhiwadi, India

Job description

Our Story So Far:
Twelve years back, Lenskart was started by a 26-year old entrepreneur - because he wanted to solve the problem of preventive blindness. We had humble beginnings - we spread awareness about eyecare, we took orders for eyeglasses online and shipped them to customers from a warehouse that was the size of a modern-day conference room.
As of today, little by little, Lenskart has served 40 Million people across the globe - helping them see better and lead better quality lives. Simultaneously, we’ve also built ourselves up to be Asia’s largest eyewear company. We have 10,000+ Lenskartians worldwide, more than 1500 Omni channel stores across 175 cities in India, Singapore and Dubai and cut to 2022 - we are shipping a pair of eyewear every 2.5 seconds, from the world’s most automated eyewear factory! 
In 2022, Lenskart partnered with Owndays and took a majority stake in the Japanese-owned eyewear player that has a deep presence in Asia. With this partnership, we have added an additional 400 stores and extended our reach to 13 countries.

Our Key Investors:
Softbank, ADIA, Kedaara Capital, Steadview Capital, Premji Invest, Temasek, Holding,  KKR, Alpha Wave Ventures, Bay Capital

You: In Our Next Chapter:
 We've come a long way but we're not there yet.
"Good is not good enough," you'll hear Lenskartians say that often. Our aim is to serve One Billion eyes by 2025 globally. And in this journey, we want to go beyond vision correction to transform the way people see and experience the world. That’s our new purpose - and we can only get there through cutting-edge technology and exceptional people.

Job responsibilities:
  1. Procurement Strategy:
● Develop and implement procurement strategies specific to manufacturing projects.
● Identify and optimize supplier relationships for timely and cost-effective material procurement.
  2. Supplier Management:
● Build and maintain strong relationships with manufacturing suppliers.
● Evaluate and ensure the performance of suppliers in meeting quality and delivery standards.
  3. Sourcing and Contracting:
● Lead the procurement process for manufacturing materials and services.
● Draft, review, and finalize contracts ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
  4. Cost Analysis and Budgeting:
● Conduct cost analysis to identify cost-saving opportunities without compromising quality.
● Manage and adhere to project-specific procurement budgets.
  5. Inventory Management:
● Collaborate with inventory teams to optimize stock levels for manufacturing materials.
● Implement efficient inventory management practices to reduce lead times.
  6. Collaboration and Communication:
● Work closely with manufacturing and project teams to understand material requirements.
● Provide regular updates on procurement status and address any issues proactively.
  7. Process Improvement:
● Continuously assess and improve procurement processes within the manufacturing context.
● Implement best practices and technology solutions for streamlined procurement operations.

Job requirements

Minimum Qualifications :

  • Any graduate or MBA with 3 to 5 years of experience.
  • Knowledge and experience in Procurement of capex/Opex/Services.
  • Knowledge of procurement processes, methods and techniques, including negotiation skills, e- sourcing tools, e-auctions is beneficial.

We started with the aim to disrupt eyewear every step of the way and today, we stand as India’s Biggest Eyewear Brand and now, have a global footprint across South East Asia, Middle East and Japan.

We constantly raise the bar on our consumer experience and keep talent diversity and density at the center to help us achieve the ‘unexpected’.

#Join the Revolution at Lenskart today!